Sunday, August 3, 2008

No Surprises - Radiohead acoustic cover
No Surprises

MY WAY(minus one) ...the first spec..i really love this song..seriously..bes giler ...kan kan? sape stuju angkat tangannnn xD
the link MY WAY-Reez

Tapi Bukan Aku (ada layer2)
the Link
Tapi Bukan Aku akustik

Hanya Kau yang Mampu =)
the link
Hanya Kau yang Mampu Akustik

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Went to perform with bro ajami ( at MASKARA 10. It was a nice event to go and enjoy arts. =D

Ajami read his "puisi" (poem) which was about his kids.It was very touching (especially to parents of course)(Ajami mau cried ediiiiii..etetete xD ). As requested by bro ajami, I played the song somewhere over the rainbow as the background.

Then I sang a verse from the song, followed with 2 songs, Aku Ingin and Love me Tender, respectively. haha, I don't think mine was as good as the other performers tho...huhuhu...they are good..ada band2 yang main, bacaan sajak, sajak berduet which was hilarious, smpaikan idea posting, theater pendek, they were all enjoyable ...

Well, this taught me more about, how do we appreciate arts. Arts must not be forgotten as it plays an important part in our world too. =)

Wutever it isssss...i likeeeee =D

p/s. congrats kat team sindiket sol-jah coz handle such great event. =D

Harap2 boleh pergi MASKARA 11 pulak.. =D