Sunday, September 28, 2008

Balik Kampung!

Salam Hari Raya to aLL!

wah, its been like months i havent recorded apape! huaaa.seriously, this raya pun kene bawak balik books and all ntuk buat assignment psychology and malaysian studies

hmmmm.i'll curi my time a bit nxt weekend 2 record...huhu..xde smgt nk record...paksa me anebody!

well....wut ever it is, i hope that y'all will hve a good hari raya`~ i'm currently dkat klantan =D people think im klantan murtad or wutsoever..helooo...i boley speaking klate okaehhhh..haha..

Friday, September 19, 2008

When I (poem)

well, im quite busy right now to update this blog...huhu...
hmmm....soooo...when i was looking around my thumbdrive yg lama tu, i found the first poem i wrote, it was for my ex-gf..written 1-2 years back xD

well, things haf passed pownnn, why not i share bnda ni with y'all? xD ...well..enjoy

When I

When I'm thinking what I'm thinking,
I find myself thinking of you,
You keep on playing in my mind.
evening,even dawn.

And when I'm thinking of you,
I realise how much I love you,
But before I realise how much I love you,
It grows bigger and bigger,
And become the master ,
The master who tells me that I need you more,
each and everyday.

Deep in my heart,dear
I know ,the same goes to you,
Because it comes from the same heart,
And this heart conquers all of the body,
With blood runs through it.
The whole of me is full of love towards you,
My darling, I Love You

Nik Akmal Hareez
Copyright ©2007 Nik Akmal Hareez

A Song
Melody and rhyme were together,
Flowing with the song perfectly
Flawlessly as one can see
But, a song
It is just a song
It starts and it ends,
When all the excitement, began
And suddenly, nothing were to understand
Nothing was right
Like a blind man, searching for a hope
Just hope that’s still hold and bind

Where is it now?
It seems all the lyrics
Was just a lyric, and the song
It’s just a song
While the rhythm and melody, were gone
Searching around, grasping
For a song to hold with

Nothing but emptiness were found
Like a room with no light, no air
Silent, it’s just silent, playing around
Fooling around, mingling
Too dark, to search the right path
A pathway to a nice rhythm for a song
Will there be the same song again
Hoping, merely hoping

Getaran Jiwa(click),teringat lagu ni plak..haha