Friday, July 2, 2010

Bola Waka Waka

So as we all aware, its the Piala Dunia 2010 time! and tonight its gonna be Brasil vs Holland...Atas kertas we know that brasil has the advantage but who knows? the Jabulani is still round/sphere .

Um...The teams that are in my "sokong" list are

1) Spain
2) Germany
3) Argentina

So its kinda hard for me as they are all on the right side of the table.

you see that???..
this is hard to choose! Well i hope Ghana will be meeting Brasil in the semi finals.Why? Coz Ghana players are well built and they are damn fast!They can do some wonderful magic i think.

and yeah..I'm not gonna cover the Waka waka song coz i don't like it...bluek...cant they make a better song like the previous years? cmonnnn..tak layan la =\

So guys..and girls...enjoy the games while they last! wakawaka ole!

VIVA ESPANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hi... been awhile since i posted anything here...there are still people visiting my page..seriously, I appreciate that. =D going to post some of my videos here alright? ;)

Bila cinta (Lagenda budak Setan OST)

Uprising (muse) - triplet clone video

Dengarlah Gemala HAti - Pramlee

enjoyyy =D