Sunday, May 24, 2009

kenapa saye tak update? kenapa?

hey all..sorry i didnt update for sooooooooo long..its coz my laptop n my mum's laptop rosak..i cant record any song...and im saddddd....wuaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

..ok la...but atleast im glad all my songs are here...tak la hilang my files..hahaha...sooo..yeah..

im having my cuti ryte now....2 months left before i ready ? i dont know..what ever it is..i haf to be ready....but really,its hard to left things tat I haf here .....huhu

but i will stay on recordin my songs n put them here......updating my blogs when im free....but ryte now...its kinda hard pown im at a CC , sumwhere in wangsa maju...

soooo...its 7pm edi..i haf to go homeee....see ya all later...tataaaa

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

@ir @sia , hari siots and stuffs soooo sorry dah lama tak update...kinda malas these few days...ok ok...actually I wanna record Thinking of You -ketty perry coz the song is like so nice laa..n meaningful...really..huhu..i im working on it...soooo wait post..janji...haha

Ok la...i Just balik from taking my family from LCCT.they went there coz ada nenek sedara meninggal...bcoz the ride was quite i tak balik lah..jadi driver sajo...b4 that pegi hospital to visit sha n her father yg baru lepas strong sha! we'll always pray for you!

but bad things happened to me masa nk amik my family who arrived @ lcct from KB...dan senarainya adalahh..~

  1. duit tinggal sikit
  2. minyak was low
  3. sesat (pasal pegi there from klana jaya..sign board malaysia..u all tau2 je lahhh..kejap ada kejap takde..macam toyol)
  4. pening..nak gune duit isi minyak ke nk simpan takot2 tol mahal later on
  5. battery handphone habes..taley contact family yg ada kt lcct
  6. flight delayed..arggh
  7. takot tak cukup duit bayar tol (nasib baik ada emergency money)
  8. wanna go to the washroom but cannot go out of d car coz surely kena saman

Story-story you and me

talking bout @ir @sia....daymm..theres a sad story of this lady with 2 kelantan, her car broke she was like 20 mins late...

You know...@ir @sia stated that if you wanna fly then you should be there 40++ mins before the flight (ALTHOUGH YOU HAVE PAID THOUSANDS OF RINGGIT FOR THE TIX)..but...come onnnnn.this lady had a rough day....

she had two children with her who were so small andddd..her husband was waiting at the airport for her to arrive la kan.... lagi2..the wife merayu nk balik...and she said she would not check in her bags if that trouble the @ir @sia admin..she would send her bags thru buss or it goes....the @ir @asia people tamo bagi she she had to buy new tix...for herself n her children...and i extimate it should be around 300+ ...surely lah...

I hate this kind of policy....they really ketuk ppl la...

@ir @sia strategy

  • if you book early you pay less
@ir @sia says - because we get your money first..this money can be used to grow our business if you cancel your tix, we untung lah coz it'll burn

  • If you go to the counter, the tickets are higher
@ir @sia says - because you are the "terdesak people" and we do take advantage on terdesak people like the TUN3 HoteL (this nak pasang aircond kene bayar RM14 per 12 hours...bodoh tak?????)...

  • Prices go up everyday when the due date is near
@ir @sia says - are the terdesak people when you book a day before the we can ketuk you...extra 20-30 bucks would wanna fly..u pay..

  • Tix must be collected 40++ mins before fly
@ir @sia says - no excuse...we want to sell the tix to other people who would pay highhhhhhhhh because these people are terdesak

  • The aeroplanes are parked farrrr from the airport and passangers have to jalan all the way thru...
@ir @sia says - we want to save our oil lahhh.....its costly okayyy...we are not bus to send you from one place to another on land...we just send you thru the our moto lah..evelibody can fly...but no driving2 ehhhhh

  • Maggi,nasilemak,milo,etc are daym expensive
@ir @sia says - when theres demand in high places in the sky...the price also high lahhhh

  • sexy stewardess
@ir @sia - guys would be happy when sexy gals surround they wont think about our services much think wut? malaysia guys are like aussie guys ar? *FYI..australian domestic stewardess are usually old n not hot at al(thats what i think lahhh...just go to aussie you'll know..haha*

  • alwayyys delay...alwayyyyss
@ir @sia says - you wanna fly or not? if you dont want coz delay..then dont fly...other terdesak people would buy our tix with high price and your booking fee would be ours too.lalala~ dare or not? haha..we control cannot do anethingggg!

  • the terdesak people fees would coverup the long booked tickets...

  • and many more

I say - what ever! daym you !

conclusion - their actuaries are daym lil devil

I wanna record some songs later....for now..let me just relax from the things that melanda me today..arghhhhhh


Sunday, April 19, 2009

AWAY LOVE, ALWAYS LOVE...*new ori with drumbeat blabla

HI!!!!! weeeeeeeee...Im a free man...I'm out from college dahhh..and now, waiting to go to university in Us....4 months of waiting would be a longgggggggg period ar....

*enter enter*

It was daym sad getting my feet of the Aristotle block for ever n room..AI-13...babai....frens...c 'yall soon...huhu... yeah...2 years being there had been a good moment ( some way lahhh)....

*enter enter*

Wellllll..enough of that...guess what? I've written a new song..hihihihi...
and the new thing bout it is that, theres drum kit effect too...thanx to bro shaq for perkenalkan beat-craft...I love it la...bes la..haha....

So...this song sebenarnya dah lama ada..but tak siap2 last night..i kerjakan the song , letting my Zzzzzs go to complete it till the glaring light of the sun came to appear. This is the first time i put these kinda it'll be a starting point for me to give my songs more "nyawa"...haha

This is the title and link...and lyrics .....enjoy yeeeee


*another alternative link .....
click here (faster lah kottt??kata alternative..salunye jalan alternative tak jam sangat..haha)

When I see you smiling, with ur frens
and when i see you happy, and im in a distance

oh I know, that you don't need me anymore in your life

Theres a rainbow up ahead, tonight,
and i keep in all the love for you
should i be waiting for the love
that takes forever

Tonight , when I say it in my dreams
What I say are all the truth
Would you remember the day ,that i fal in love
that i fall in love with you

And I gonna miss you darling, babe
And I will always be loving you
And I gonna miss you darling baby
And I will always be loving you

*short solo*

And I gonna miss you darling, babe
And I will always be loving you
And I gonna miss you darling baby
And I will always be loving you

hope okay la..huhuhuuhhu...tats aLL...tataa titi tutu toto(amaran..jangan main Toto kepada umat Islam)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Yong tau fu and Me... but wif no stuffs

ARghhhh. having my exam week niii.... so sangat busy...busy to nyanyi..busy to compose songs...busy to basuh kete..busy to ni..busy to tu..but yeah....craving lagiii....i'm hungry and i need some yong tau fu...

*nak yong tau fu * nak yong tau fu*

can you imagine, yong tau fu yang panas2 dicelup into hot water bath...then keluarkan..then put into plastic...ltak kuah dier yang pekatt....sedap nyahhhh!...lagi2 lada dier sedap

yong tau fu ni asal nye dari pkataan 'stuffed bean curd' in chinese la....bukan pembuat yong tau fu ni nama dier MR Yong and MRS Tau Fu Malaysia, yong tau fu is like...famoussss ....its like nasi lemak and roti canai or sumthing where everyone eat it wif passion..wahaha...

First kite pilih2 yang mana nak dimakan...okay..i like those ketam thingy...fishballs...some wut do we call that..panjang2...warna putih..lembut...i dunno...sukeeee....anddd...ltak banyak2...wahaha


thennnnn.tengok2..tak perasan dah amik 8 ringgit...then makan sorang2..okay fineee..puas hati....*lagi2 if ada teh ais*

*enter enter*

now..the problem isss.... ada pasar malam tak today to buy some yong tau fu? arghhh..tension!~ study!
*sorry for an entry yang tahapape..hahaha*

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some BTN tips for the jpa juniors

Hi! I feel happy and good. So i'd better help others too right? So...hello juniors( if you are)'re going for the Biro ttanegara soon, prepared!I'll tell things that you should expect..

Things to bring?
  • Slipper jamban
  • Sports shoes yang sedia untuk di campak ke laut
  • Baju putih (shirt) ..atleast 2 (ada orang terkotor baju coz bawak satu,memang susah+ kedut2) *tips..if nak tahan lama...bawak singlet*
  • Seluar/skirt panjang Hitam
  • Kain pelikat, baju melayu , brg2 ntuk smayang
  • Baju putih (t shirt berkolar if boleh) *bawak la 2 ke 3...kang busuk susah*
  • towel,sabun,berus gigi..blablabla
  • bekas ntuk letak air
  • alarm clock maybe?
  • plastik kosong
  • mosquito repellent
  • knowledge about politik skarang or articles from last general election (makes you look smart while debating)
  • and others...think urself lahh


dont bring
  • card ( yang ntuk gamble tu...i ter'bring..cuak ok..wahaha)
  • expensive sports shoes ( seriously its not the time to show off your shoes..u'll ruin them )
  • handphones (if possible)
  • cigarette
  • drugs (duhh)
  • harakah newspaper
  • i dont know mp3...tak ingat plak

what to expect?

  • mandi kolah with air sejuk at 5-7 am in the morning
  • a lot of eating...yummy2..haha
  • dorm yang "sangat cantik" macam kat Saser
  • very quiet place..aka tempat sesuai study
  • very open discussion, so go with open mind, but be strong with your stand
  • trainer yang suke jerit
  • tight schedule..very tight..
  • speeches
  • some activities in and outside bilik
  • eating together, recite doa ramai2 before makan
  • perhimpunan knowww
  • for moslems; all solat waktu at the surau
  • racist people
  • double decker bed
  • some books to teman you tidur malam
  • mr froggy masuk dorm
  • kelapa sawit
  • general test (no prob la ni kot)
  • and macam2 experience for those who did'nt go to boarding school

what should you do?

  • be more discipline with time
  • open mind open mind open mind
  • bahaya sket..dont menentang too much..its fun but..berpada2..if you know what i mean
  • dont be racist..u're matured..think
  • ask the questions you wanna ask...just askkkkkk
  • show your teamwork quality
  • enjoy it..coz it may sounds tak best..but later on you'll miss it!hahaha..seriously laaa
tats all...if i remember more..i'll put it here..tataa..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Birthday Anniversary , froggy phobic, froggy eater and stuff

Hi! Wow..I'm 20...omg it sounds old to me..hahaha...

weLL...while typing this post, I'm actually waiting my baju2 and seluar2 being washed @ the 2nd floor washing machine. It takes about 45 mins laaa to tunggu it siap from dryer tu.

So.......yeahhh....8th of April birthday...and also cik's birthday! (my grandma) ..Happy birthday cik!(though I know you won't be online at all) . Nowwww...I'm not a "teen - ager" anymore (yeh?) ..I'm a "20th - ager"..hahaha..macho syial....

oh yea! before that...thanx bro shakir for the melodious tune of bithday song from your electric guitar!

birthday - terharu okayyy..hahaha, before my birthday, or pre-birthday session (eceyh!) ...Zaim,Ridzuan,Safwana and also Me went to Secret Recipe to have our delicious yet magnificooooo(cehhh) dinner. It was Ridzuan's birthday too (Happy Birthday Ridzuan Reazbest!wahaha)

gamba diriku mencuri banana split Ridzuan..gamba banana split yang aku order..wahaha

I had a plate of chicken cordon bleu, Zaim had ____________ (what eh Zaim? tak ingat) , Safwana had her katak goreng ____________ (i dont remember also..put dlm comment okkk) ...and Ridzuan had a slice of choc banana cake and banana split (the topi banana man,picture below)

Show off makanan orang lain
foods that he ordered

Some pictures.......

Saf the Frog eater(left) and Zaim the froggy phobic(right)

Zaim told us a story bout his auntie termakan some katak goreng dekat Bandung...the name was burung they tot it was burung..but it was katak..hahaha...sooooo..Safwana was like...ey..i pnah makan some burung...sedappp.garing..hahahahah...and then we said she ate katak goreng! but she didnt want to mengaku....FROG EATER!!!!hahahaha

The birthday boys
Reez(left) & Reaz the banana man (right)

and that's itttt...haha...

Second Phase

So I was tired after not sleeping the whole petang and I ter'slept' at 10+ kot..or 11...I cant remember...

And suddenly this fella, named Iman kejut me when he strum my guitar like mad ppl...I was like..
"daym youuuuuuu, I wanna sleep lah" dalam hati laaaa..then I slept again.

Then some ppl gerak and suruh me pegi bilik hujung to bincang bout Genting trip. I was like..."tu tu kat laptop..ada kat bookmarks" with my mamai face n voice. Then I go la bilik hujung.

There were Fawwaz (Papa) and Hasbullah (Pak Lah) there lying on bed like Paris Hilton (yeye je aku nih). So start la bincang bout genting...They asked me.." How much minimum pergi..and mana lagi jimat..sehari or dua hari...dah tanye mak kau?"

I was so mamai...I just hentam la..."rm100 sorang...boleh laaa.....mak aku tak reply lg..dier busy sket" (haha...nanti aku check balik la harga sebenar okayy??!) ...then diorg tutup lampu and bawak masuk cakeeeeee....haha...terharu2

This is the cake ,...choc. banana from secret...(hahaha..banana man liked this alot okkkk..and me too~!)

So I was quite terkejut..haha.. (I thought it was a badminton racquet picture on the cake..can you imagine how mamai i was.haha) ...

So I was the one who potong2 and bahagikan the cake. 16 orang kot...tak ingat..haha...and yeah..cukup I think...hihi..terer jgak aku bahagi2...and pastu reaz nyanyi. "kau jika kau tak tahu " versi acapella nyeee..haha...

So yeah...The cake was nice and yummy..Thanx guys for the surprise..haha....terharu2

and these are some pictures of us (pics credit to Meoi)

and yeah...again..thanx for everything..mintak makan minum,halal...salah silap di maafkan ...smoge all grad ngan cepat nnt and tunjuk sportscar masing2..harhar...

and also thankx to all who wished me!yea..cik ct hajar..thanx pasal wish kat blog you.cunnn laa...hihi....ingat jugak kat gwe ini korang2 yeee..hihi...apaper pown, you guys rox!MUAHX!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Pabila Ku Setapak Lebih Jauh meninggalkan Semua Ini

The World and time are spinning too fast now. Too fast that I totally forget who am I. From being an infant, to an adult , now, I realize that change is a must for me to pursue a better life for the upcoming future .  

Maybe I look strong with emotions. But bearing it , is the hardest thing of all. The inside is kept thightly ,covered by the colorful dress outside of it. Letting it go should be one way of  releasing all the unbearable weight, but will I be pleased with myself?

Good bye oh number 1 because 2 are replacing you, very soon. Should I miss you, I believe I would find you somewhere in the lake of memories. =) 

Friday, April 3, 2009

Shopaholic,farewell,car dust and stuffs

Hi!!!! I miss writing on my blog..haha...okayyyy...lemme just stori2 you alls things that i did the last few days....

okay...firstly..sangat terharu when bro Ray feature me (kat siniii!!) dekat ....Well..what is Well, its like a place where youth gather and share their articles, blogs, pendapat, & theres forum too..and a lot more.a lot of bloggers lepak there too. I personally believe that this comunity will be bigger in the coming future. =D thx againn~

*enter enter*

hmmmm.tadi baru tgk movieeee....
  • KLCC tanjung golden village,
  • cinema 5 was quite comfortable..just the kepala of awek infront of me tinggi sangat =.=
  • makanan- Large pop corn (makan sorang ok*pop corn was excellent*) + vanilla coke (yummy)
  • tix price - I dunno, my sis paid
  • story-

CONFESSION OF SHOPAHOLIC tell you a secret....i do read shopaholic books (malu giler confess) ..hahaha...but yeah...The story was quite fun to watch tho theres bit overestimate on the 'green scarf lady" ..but..whatever..haha..

*enter enter*

I love Isla FIsher! She is so cute. Haha.. I started to like her when I saw Definitely Maybe the other day. Quite nice la jugak Definitely Maybe....Daym im sooo jiwang eh?

*enter enter* night was the MCS (malay culture society) farewell night. Just a small gathering to gather seniors and some juniors .

And yang tak tahan nye.... I was daym dumbfounded when Zaim asked me to singggg....And tambah lagi terkejut when Shader (room8) were there with my guitar... I was like..oh my god..oh my god..why now why now? haha

*enter enter*

So then I nynyilah Too Good To be True and Silly Truck....Quite sucked but..who cares...haha
And mid nite was Aizat's birthday! Happy Birthday Aizatt!..hahaha..tau tak saper drive cake tu dari Secret Recipe ke Inti pada kadar kelajuan 120 km'j kat jalan biase???!..hahahaha(macam lah laju sangattt) ...but yeah... People are getting too ..soon! hahaha..Im getting older...argh....Later2 i'll be a dad or sumfin..hahahhaa

*enter enter*

okay....and before that event....that petang lah..I went to wash my car at this car wash place dkat2 dengan ESSO...Mmg the service always good. They clean my car inside out okay.

*enter enter*

Okay2...before that kan..before basuh..I was like.."what the hell????" when i saw my bonet kereta yang dusty tu ada tulis " I love you -s-" ...hahahah....I believe its the guys yang saje nk kene kan me..but..yeah..what the hell. i love you too! wahahaha (no handphone rosak)

okayyy la...i dunno what to write more....=D see you people later..bye2 for now

p/s - alangkah bes nye if you could tekan Follow my blog yg tak seberapa ni kat kanan tuuu..ekekek(ngade2 nyeeee gwe)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Aku Di Tagged oleh Doralala

1.apakah benda yg plg pntg dlm hidup kamu?

2.apakah benda akhir yg kamu beli dgn duit sendiri?
nasi ayam dkat Salak Tinggi

3.di mana kah tmpt impian perkahwinan kamu?
Mesti lah tempat yang grand, ala2 garden wedding ke..fuyo

4.berapa lama hubungan kamu berkekalan?
ni aper soalan ambiguous ni...yang paling lama 2 tahun + ler

5.adakah anda sdg d lamun cinta?

6.di mana restoran akhir kamu mkn mlm?
restoran...bistro salammmmm

7.nama kn buku trakhir yg kamu beli?
The Power of Now

8.Nama penuh anda
Nik Akmal Hareez bin Nik Mohd Rasdi

9.kamu lebih senang dgn ayh atau emak?
ok jer

10.nama kn seorg yg kamu ingin jmpa dalam idup kamu?
siaper not that type yang tergile2 nk jumpe org kot

11.sebut kn nama 8 sahabat yg rapat dgn kamu?
Wawa,Shaza,geng2 smugglers, etc etc

12.adakah kamu mencuci pakaian sndirik?
pakaian saye dier cuci otomatik okkkk...

13.tmpt yg paling seronok yg kamu ingin pergi?
errrrr...saye nk tgk planet alien...sure sronok oooooo

14.butir kn 5 perkara tntg org yg tag kamu..
-doralala ituuuu - makan sikit
- serious sikit dier makannn
- baik laaaa..ok laaa
-manjeeee keee?
-miserable jekkkk..hahahaha
15. 8 perkara yg saya gilai..
- sports car
- myvi ku yang comel
- gitar
- tidur
- makan makanan yang sedap
- teh ais
- ber online
- tido lagiiiii

16.pelukan atau ciuman?
nak dua2 ...wahahahhaha

17. 8 buah buku yg plg baru d baca?
bukuuuuu.....aiyo..buku calculus 3..wahahah
guitar bible,
power of now,
buku komik shin chan
buku komik dragon ball
tak ingatttt dah

18. 8 lagu yg kamu boley dgr berulang kali?
-selamat ulang tahun sayang-imran ajmain
-Love story - Taylor Swift
-Yesterday - beetles
-Cinta Ini membunuhku - dmasiv
-Nocturne op9 no 2 - Chopin
-deeper conversation - yuna
- ternyata - estrella

Saye mau tag

1) Shader
2) Syed Naufal
3) Syazana
4) Sofiya
5) Siti Hajar
6) Safwana

hahaha...buat jangan tak buat okayyyy~

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang & Cinta ini membunuhku ~ Cover dari ku

Hi...haha..its morning! argh..And im not sleeping yet..Well, the other day borak2 with taufiq when he mentioned bout lagu Selamat tinggal ulang tahun sayang, so I suddenly terminat nak


Cinta Ini Membunuh ku

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Klcc shaking , two sexy HOTTIES,kebab and stuffs

--------------------------(the jejakas idamans?????*puke*)----------------------------------

hmmm..I dont have any idea who am i "hi" ing to....maybe nobody? hahahaha...tak kesah lah...janji i'm happy posting aper yg I wanna post. Today it'll be about the shaking klcc, sexy hotties,kebab and some someone la ni " TEH AIS is better than Teh O ais!!!!!!! "

*enter enter*

Tau takkkk...I had my kebab today..wahahaha

yeahhhh.. It feels good to have a kebab after mengidam for it. Haha..The moment I saw it, my saliva factory started to operate, producing more and more saliva. Wuahhh..gitu pulak..haha..

Yeah..this(picture below) is my mixed kebab and iced lemon tea ( makan dekat signature je , mana ada duit if everytime nk pegi tmpt2 mahal2 yang konon nye "cool" tu..ha..jgn marah orang2 yang rasa cool tu okkk,especially students..haha)


yeah...bout the shaking Klcc thinggg ....seriously, nowadays, every time I go to Klcc, I could feel it shaking quite hard. What is happening actually? I didn't feel that before. The vibration can be felt quite intense around the ring center of Klcc at upper levels.

*enter enter*

I'm not trying to say that Klcc is going to fall and many people gonna get killed or what but...I need a good reason why it is shaking like that. Is it a normal thing? Or is it just me? That's not possible coz my mother, dad and my cute lil bro could feel it too....

*enter enter* is quite scary to feel it....I don't feel that even when I'm on menara KL the other day (accept for that Seri Angkasa was berpusing2 like Merry Go round part). I could even see the deco sticks (picture on the right side) dah macam ada dinosaur coming okayyyy...I really hope it is only bcoz of the construction nearby which is in progress.

What is happening? what is happening?

p/s- (Klcc please pay me if you want me to delete this post..hahaha..jk2.but seriously, check your building guyssss)

*enter enter*

oh yeaaa...dekat Klcc just now ada like something exhibition or what, I dont know, tak smpat tengok sangat. Buttttt..i Manage to snap 2 pics of these two SEXY hotties..take a look at them!

(scrolllll downnnnn)

(scrolllll downnnnn)

BMW M3 nyehhhhhh

*i dont manage to snap its butt,

but..yeah .whutever*

anddddd the other hottie

selalu nampak ni on the road but..yeah..ure actually hot up there..haha

look at the rims, I wish i could curi those and put it on my dearest Myvi..hahahahahahaha
(asik gelak je haku ni)

errr..but i believe this one below is not in the "hottie" list..hahaha

hahahahahahha....but that iced lemon tea was quite nice thooo...its wayyyyyyyyyyy better than teh o ais..hahahahahha

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Unsigned - Cyber Singers Di Rantau Ini

(Reez punye updated song list click here)
Hi! Haha..again....It is Friday! Omg..This is too fast. And I overslept today that I missed my calculus class. Andddd...tomorrow I'll be having my calculus III test! Study Reez!dont be bulazy (busy+lazy)...haha...what ever!

*enter enter*

Well, surfing around the wide sea of the internet, I realized that there are a lot of "cyber" singers in this region, who kindly shared their singing ,especially on Youtube. Well that's cool. It shows that our country 'somehow' had managed to open its eyes towards technology(tho the net are like siput vavi).

*enter enter*

I think, these kind of singers are the bunch of people who have the talent but yet to be brought up to the front line. I would say they're not inept, its just that most of them want to keep things low.

*enter enter*

It is hard living in the world where each and every person recognizes you. come on, privacy is important okay. Just imagine, every steps that you're taking would be judged by others and plus, most of the comments given out are negative. It is a pressure to be famous ;but that's the price that have to be paid. In some cases like Britney Spears' or Michael Jordan Jackson's , it is completely different. They are the people who are addicted to attention.

*enter enter*

Last month I watched the Britney blablabla show where they highlighted how Britney changed from being a naiive person, to a wild person whom she is right now. (I missed the sweet ol' Britney..haha) and that's all because of the fame...fame *fame..whew...


K k..enough of my crappy words.

*enter enter enter*

Now, I'd like to share with you some of the "cyber" artists (is it correct to use that term? whatevaaa) ..In my list here,......hmmm.. I have(sorry if i dont feature bands..haha)...... ,syahiransukardi, Evildead (a.k.a Setanmati) , Mia Suraya(mia rose? =P) , Seroja92 , Ajaisya88, DakNaD, some of them dari my long list.haha.tak larat to put all those names n links here la.....

Seroja92 (singing at OIAM audition)
hear also seroja n me duet lagu Pulangkan(click here)




Mia Suraya

Evildead (Setanmati)

These are some of the people who are brave enough to show their talents on the internet, we should give them a big hand for that la..... =D If you're tired of hearing artists singing, you should find these kind of people la.Boring jugak dengar artis nyanyi "perfect" je in their recordings rightttt? ..Hmmm..if we have underground artis , we should call these people something haha...apaper la..but..yeah..great job guys...keep up d good work...chaiyokkkk~

*dialog di atas tiada kaitan dengan sesiapa, yang hidup atau pun yang mati*

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Updated List

my songs n covers


My songs
  1. Kemanakah Engkau semalam?
  2. Untuk Mu Palestin
  3. Maafkanlah
  4. Aku ingin
  5. First Time
  6. Kau Bagai
  7. Silly truck

Cover sOngs

  1. Deeper Conversation
  2. Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam (reez feat Oja)
  3. Love (reez feat mizz ford)
  4. Have yourself a merry little christmas
  5. Hanya kau yg mampu
  6. No Surprises
  7. Myway
  8. Cant Help Falling
  9. Tapi bukan aku
  10. Ketulusan Hati
  11. Somewhere over The Rainbow (aimini, just press the play button provided on the player)
  12. Mahakarya Cinta (aimini)
  13. My Baby You (aimini)
  14. Pagi yang Gelap (aimini)
  15. Harapan (aimini)
  16. Seribu Tahun (aimini versi lama)
  17. Getaran Jiwa (aimini)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The MeroyanS of De Malams : Teh Ais n stuffs

OKay....its 3.30 in the morning and I cant sleep! besides tomorrow class starts at 4pm..harharhar...

I mean my Chemistry lab starts at 4..yeaa...I just finished my lab report bout that electrod2 stuffs. Daym lots of calculations. Oh yeaa... I haven't finished lukis the graph yet..but..ahhhhh..esok ada..lalala~

Its quite panas tonight. Bak kata Has " macam neraka" ..hahaha...opss..I'm not saying that, he did.harharhar..sori ye encik has.

Well, waktu2 panas like this, alangkah besnye if I could have a glass(or more) of TEH AISsssssssssss

________________> (just look at its aura calling you to put the straw inside your mouth and place a vacuum inside it. and pull up the light brownish liquid into your mouth with passion....droool)

Arghhh..this is driving me crazy. Shud I go out and go to mamak alone just to have some teh ais? mana teh ais yang best ek, Bistro salam, palma, tomyam koong? bondi? restoran gelap? hmmmmm....ntah

Currently I only have..........

...on my desk. N i'm bored of it. Haha. But oh well, murah la RM 3.90 for the big bottle. That's cheap wooo. It tastes ok lah, but currently cannot satisfy my cravings for TEH AIS yang sedap...grgrgrgrgr..lagi2 yang letak susu cair a bit..yummmy...yummy... **nak teh ais nak teh ais**

Arrr... and at the same time,I wish,Im having a juicy, hot, kebab....

Look at it..just look at it. It is soooo..yummy..yeahhh..nak marah Elly coz dier yang remind me pasal kebab2 ni. WUaaaaa..torture my soul la youuu!

**Nak kebab nak kebab**

Where the h*ll should I find kebab here in nilai huh? Why la I study area yang susah cari kebab. Daymmm..tape2, patience is virtue. Balik Kl later on this saturday I'll straight away cari kebab. Harharhar...

My room8, Shader dah tidur tu. I think the only person that still awake is Iman. Yeahh...Intians shoud sleep late, its a rule night you should be a Keluang man, or batman, what ever,...apa beza keluang and bat ha? cm samer jer..hihi....

Yeah..talking bout inti...the inti people..i dont know which club, hold the Earth Hour on 26th march...ITs TODAY....kejap lagi I mean...WTH? Why not join 28th march je when satu Malaysia switch off their lights? Im curious bout this. Is it nak jimat electric???? geeeeee...

To be honest,initially I really thought these people got the wrong date for Earth Hour...but..yeah...biar la...We'll see if Intians would switch off their lights or not for that one hour on 26th , not 28th..lalala~

I wonder what song I want to record next.....any idea guys? idea? idea? ...tatau la..huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~
Bed is calling. tataaaaaa

It's 'Today' Again

Hello people.
Its Wednesday and I had some classes just now. Life is hectic really. hmm.. The sky outside is dark. It'll rain soon I guess. From my room here I could clearly hear the psithurism. It's quite loud once a while.

Well, today I felt a really deep-keen-feeling to play the nocturne piece on piano..hahaha..What is happening to me? I'm in love with the piece? I really don't know how to play piano but when I started to learn that piece bits by bits, wow , I felt good.reallly.,haha

So I asked my music lecturer,Miss Lee if I could use the music classroom to learn piano. But she kinda reluctant bcoz other students who haven't performed for music class need to use the room. So maybe i'll have the chance next week if I wanna learn in college ar....Oh weLL...biar lah diorang guna first. Daym.. =.=

wait wait wait...wanna show you something
~daym nice wey~

hahaha...ok didn't record anething baru2 ni... I hope I could record something over the weekend to paste it here. Huhuh...I wish I could learn how to compose songs using software . Kinda hard tho with laptop yang slow n all..oh well...nasib badannnn..haha

Monday, March 23, 2009

Meng'cover' - Yuna's Deeper Conversation 2nd post today, rajin pulak ek....sooooo...nuthing much pown sebenarnye, I just nak put my cover of
Deeper Conversation (versi pemalas) ..Haha...sooooo...if its not good or in another word, pls do tolerate lar ok ok ok?..harharhar...

+++To Miss Yunalis, I like ur songs, ur voice n u! Hope you'll get further in this industry while balancing wif ur studies!
For more info about Yuna, please go to

MY cover of Deeper Conversation (click here)
Deeper Conversation
Is your favourite colour blue?
Do you always tell the truth?
Do you believe in outerspace?
And I'm learning you

Is your skin as tanned as mine?
Does your hair flow sideways?
Did someone took a portion of your heart?
And I'm learning you

And if you don't mind
Can you tell me
All your hopes and fears
And Everything that you believe in
Would you make a difference in the world
I'd love for you to take me to a deeper conversation
Only you can make me

I let my guard down for you
And in time you will too

If you don't mind
Can you tell me
All your hopes and fears
And Everything that you believe in
Would you make a difference in the world
I'd love for you to take me to a deeper conversation
Only you can make me

If you don't mind
Can you tell me
All your hopes and fears
And Everything that you believe in
Would you make a difference in the world
I'd love for you to take me to a deeper conversation
Only you can make me

Deeper Conversation
Let me

I love this song, very niceeeeeee =D

Saper suke lagu deeper conversation angkat tangan.haha

OK..tata y'alls

picture ,credit to beautifulnara

Royanan Ku Di Tanjung Bidara

............................(nice cars on show)..harharhar..............................

Like i'd mentioned, my fren n i went to melaka,tanjung bidara , ber barbeque la at mr wakiki's pictures had been uploaded by mr machiavelli at bro! nice piccas! haha...ok for now, i'll write what went out ma mind masa kat sana,...

I couldn't see what's beyond the darkness of night,
The sounds that present however make me believe ; there's a land up ahead.

Life should be more than this,with life,
that always spends its time in my own thoughts,
the thoughts that share with nobody, but itself

Without stars or moon up there gazing at me,
The emptiness could be felt deeply , so deep I could barely see it.
It feels like a puzzle with a missing piece ; I'm not complete.

Many issues ,
running around in my mind, but yet I could just hear what's present.
It's too beautiful to be left out,
though a second of time
I just noticed, the cloud, its gray.
Why oh why mr. cloud, is that your emotion?
Or it's just me?
naah, im in peace.
How does this tranquility created?
Its magical ,and its wonderful.

While gazing around, left and right,
appreciating things that'll be left,
in the day after,
a beautiful sonata flew in my mind.
It keeps on playing there, wanting me to take it outside,
Born into the world, to complete the sound of wave that meets the seaside.
and the leaves of coconut tree dancing gracefully in tempo with the wind,

They are, indeed, very different from each other,
but in my hearing, they are , a close bind of melodic timbres,
needing for each other.
Without one, It is not complete,without one,it'll lost
Just like me. and me

(pictures credit to meoi @ nkye.blogspot)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Magical Of Music - The Past Is Still Remembered

Hi...Its "the past is still remembered" section Friday! Can you believe it how time flies recently? Its like each and everyday the time is upgraded with new engine to move faster. And that's scary. =.= my friends and I are going to have some bbq at Melaka, I hope it'll be a blast. Haha...

Ok..enough about that, lets now look back at the past. Today I'd like to highlight a very talented person in writing music, Mr Frederic Chopin. I'm quite sure a lot of you know him, but,yeah, maybe just his name.

Chopin is called the POET of PIANO . Yeah, he did wrote a lot of piano pieces and his works were very lovely. There's this , one kind of emotion when you hear his piece. It's like he had blend in a lot of love and longing emotions in his music.

My favourite is Chopin Nocturne in E Flat Major Op. 9 No. 2 ...
Here is the short audio sample of it

Get your own playlist at!

Could you hear it? There's a lot of emotions just in this short sample. ahhhh..So in love with this song. and you should too..haha.. okayy..This coming 4 months holiday i'll try to learn playing this song on piano. Who knows I could play it, right? haha

Brief History of Frederic Chopin
Well, Chopin was brought up in Warsaw
After his country was conquered by the Russians, he went to Paris, which was the center of Romanticism. I don't know if he was scared or what. I dunoooooo...More about him,
Chopin was a shy( like me) reserved man. He didn't played in public concert halls that much. (very low profile huh?)

Nocturne op 9 no 2


Get your own playlist at!
Schumann's Carnaval Chopin op 9.....a piece named after chopin by Schumann

be back later...busyyyyyy

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

LOVE STORY translation (The True story behind the song)

Lets translate the actual meaning of current song according to my view..harharhar

We were both young when I first saw you
*We were stupid*

I close my eyes
*very sleepy..yawnn*

And the flashback starts
* i started to berangan*

I'm standing there
*I was scolded standing outside the class room because I was sleeping*

On a balcony in summer air
*it was so hot outside the classroom..aiya*

See the lights
See the party, the ball gowns
I see you make your way through the crowd
And say hello, little did I know
*i was berangan again*

That you were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles
*You're macho but childish*

And my daddy said stay away from Juliet
*My dad bring a penyapu and halau you*

And I was crying on the staircase
* My bed was too messy and it stinks *

Begging you please don't go, and I said
* dont go laaa*

Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone
*i'm horny*

I'll be waiting all there's left to do is run
*let's go to Siam and get married*

You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess
*You'll be the ahpa and I'll be the ahma*

It's a love story baby just say yes
* Please bring me to Siam now, cannot tahan ediii*

So I sneak out to the garden to see you
* I'm a bad girl*

We keep quiet 'cause we're dead if they knew
* If kantoi surely ahma an ahpa will panggang us like itik panggang*

So close your eyes
* I wrongly put this in my song, suppose to be so close your mouth and shutup, ahma ahpa sleeping*

Escape this town for a little while
* go and have some yamcha*

'Cause you were Romeo, I was a scarlet letter
And my daddy said stay away from Juliet
But you were everything to me
I was begging you please don't go and I said

Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone
I'll be waiting all there's left to do is run
You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess
It's a love story baby just say yes

Romeo save me, they try to tell me how to feel

This love is difficult, but it's real
* I think is love but I dont know,love then love lah *

Don't be afraid, we'll make it out of this mess
* Any problem later we can divorce what?*

It's a love story baby just say yes
Oh oh

I got tired of waiting
* Where are you? Our bus ticket to siam almost due*

Wondering if you were ever coming around
* Try to cheat me ah?*

My faith in you is fading
* Surely you're a cheater,sure lahhh*

When I met you on the outskirts of town, and I said
* I wonder around searching for you and found you , kantoi edi *

Romeo save me I've been feeling so alone
* Where are youuu??*

I keep waiting for you but you never come
* Guys are all just the same, *

Is this in my head? I don't know what to think
* I better go upstairs and sleep, or check my facebook *

He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring
* atlast you come, you did a ring magic trick like david copperfield, tadaaaaa *

And said, marry me Juliet
* err.marry me?*

You'll never have to be alone
* I teman you 24/7 , like seven eleven *

I love you and that's all I really know
* I'm stupid*

I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress
* I ask your dad to pinjam me some money , I dont have the money to buy you a gown*

It's a love story baby just say yes
* our jiwang story,,,*

Oh, oh, oh, oh
'Cause we were both young when I first saw you
*We were stupid*