Sunday, April 19, 2009

AWAY LOVE, ALWAYS LOVE...*new ori with drumbeat blabla

HI!!!!! weeeeeeeee...Im a free man...I'm out from college dahhh..and now, waiting to go to university in Us....4 months of waiting would be a longgggggggg period ar....

*enter enter*

It was daym sad getting my feet of the Aristotle block for ever n room..AI-13...babai....frens...c 'yall soon...huhu... yeah...2 years being there had been a good moment ( some way lahhh)....

*enter enter*

Wellllll..enough of that...guess what? I've written a new song..hihihihi...
and the new thing bout it is that, theres drum kit effect too...thanx to bro shaq for perkenalkan beat-craft...I love it la...bes la..haha....

So...this song sebenarnya dah lama ada..but tak siap2 last night..i kerjakan the song , letting my Zzzzzs go to complete it till the glaring light of the sun came to appear. This is the first time i put these kinda it'll be a starting point for me to give my songs more "nyawa"...haha

This is the title and link...and lyrics .....enjoy yeeeee


*another alternative link .....
click here (faster lah kottt??kata alternative..salunye jalan alternative tak jam sangat..haha)

When I see you smiling, with ur frens
and when i see you happy, and im in a distance

oh I know, that you don't need me anymore in your life

Theres a rainbow up ahead, tonight,
and i keep in all the love for you
should i be waiting for the love
that takes forever

Tonight , when I say it in my dreams
What I say are all the truth
Would you remember the day ,that i fal in love
that i fall in love with you

And I gonna miss you darling, babe
And I will always be loving you
And I gonna miss you darling baby
And I will always be loving you

*short solo*

And I gonna miss you darling, babe
And I will always be loving you
And I gonna miss you darling baby
And I will always be loving you

hope okay la..huhuhuuhhu...tats aLL...tataa titi tutu toto(amaran..jangan main Toto kepada umat Islam)


Muhammad said...


sedap betul suara u , en cik nik

p/s : still menunggu dalam sabar , bila nak start lagu nie load...dah 10 minit aku tunggu...satu note pun tak berbunyi..huahhhhaaaa

Reez said...

hahahahha...dengar tak lagi dh sedap dh?aiyokkkk *pengsan*

Reez said...

tak tekan play kotttt..etetetet

pwincess AJA said...

so jewaaaaaaaangs

but still nice.

Ajami Hashim said...

ok dah up @ my blog! muahhh!

p/s: bila nak rekod single nih! huaaa!

cincan said...

salam takziah abg mukz.

Anonymous said...

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