Tuesday, April 28, 2009

@ir @sia , hari siots and stuffs

Hi...ugh..im soooo sorry dah lama tak update...kinda malas these few days...ok ok...actually I wanna record Thinking of You -ketty perry coz the song is like so nice laa..n meaningful...really..huhu..i likee...so im working on it...soooo wait ok..next post..janji...haha

Ok la...i Just balik from taking my family from LCCT.they went there coz ada nenek sedara meninggal...bcoz the ride was quite costly....so i tak balik lah..jadi driver sajo...b4 that pegi hospital to visit sha n her father yg baru lepas operation..be strong sha! we'll always pray for you!

but bad things happened to me masa nk amik my family who arrived @ lcct from KB...dan senarainya adalahh..~

  1. duit tinggal sikit
  2. minyak was low
  3. sesat (pasal pegi there from klana jaya..sign board malaysia..u all tau2 je lahhh..kejap ada kejap takde..macam toyol)
  4. pening..nak gune duit isi minyak ke nk simpan takot2 tol mahal later on
  5. battery handphone habes..taley contact family yg ada kt lcct
  6. flight delayed..arggh
  7. takot tak cukup duit bayar tol (nasib baik ada emergency money)
  8. wanna go to the washroom but cannot go out of d car coz surely kena saman

Story-story you and me

talking bout @ir @sia....daymm..theres a sad story of this lady with 2 child....in kelantan, her car broke down...so she was like 20 mins late...

You know...@ir @sia stated that if you wanna fly then you should be there 40++ mins before the flight (ALTHOUGH YOU HAVE PAID THOUSANDS OF RINGGIT FOR THE TIX)..but...come onnnnn.this lady had a rough day....

she had two children with her who were so small andddd..her husband was waiting at the airport for her to arrive la kan.... lagi2..the wife merayu nk balik...and she said she would not check in her bags if that trouble the @ir @sia admin..she would send her bags thru buss or sumthing....so..there it goes....the @ir @asia people tamo bagi she naik....so she had to buy new tix...for herself n her children...and i extimate it should be around 300+ ...surely lah...

I hate this kind of policy....they really ketuk ppl la...

@ir @sia strategy

  • if you book early you pay less
@ir @sia says - because we get your money first..this money can be used to grow our business lahh...so if you cancel your tix, we untung lah coz it'll burn

  • If you go to the counter, the tickets are higher
@ir @sia says - because you are the "terdesak people" and we do take advantage on terdesak people like the TUN3 HoteL (this hotel...you nak pasang aircond kene bayar RM14 per 12 hours...bodoh tak?????)...

  • Prices go up everyday when the due date is near
@ir @sia says - yes....again..you are the terdesak people when you book a day before the flight...so we can ketuk you...extra 20-30 bucks would do...you wanna fly..u pay..

  • Tix must be collected 40++ mins before fly
@ir @sia says - no excuse...we want to sell the tix to other people who would pay highhhhhhhhh because these people are terdesak

  • The aeroplanes are parked farrrr from the airport and passangers have to jalan all the way thru...
@ir @sia says - we want to save our oil lahhh.....its costly okayyy...we are not bus to send you from one place to another on land...we just send you thru the air...like our moto lah..evelibody can fly...but no driving2 ehhhhh

  • Maggi,nasilemak,milo,etc are daym expensive
@ir @sia says - when theres demand in high places in the sky...the price also high lahhhh

  • sexy stewardess
@ir @sia - guys would be happy when sexy gals surround them..so they wont think about our services much lahhh...you think wut? malaysia guys are like aussie guys ar? *FYI..australian domestic stewardess are usually old n not hot at al(thats what i think lahhh...just go to aussie you'll know..haha*

  • alwayyys delay...alwayyyyss
@ir @sia says - you wanna fly or not? if you dont want coz delay..then dont fly...other terdesak people would buy our tix with high price and your booking fee would be ours too.lalala~ dare or not? haha..we control you..you cannot do anethingggg!

  • the terdesak people fees would coverup the long booked tickets...

  • and many more

I say - what ever! daym you !

conclusion - their actuaries are daym lil devil

I wanna record some songs later....for now..let me just relax from the things that melanda me today..arghhhhhh



pwincess AJA said...

next post?agak2...
bpe lame 2h ea?=PPP

aha,taw xpew.
signboard malaysia mmg.
sbb 2h la pemandu2 kat malaysia selalu je 'sesat'.

lain kali,make sure charge HP 2h b4 kluar.=PPP

bout air asia...
u pay less for da ticket,service oso less.

beli air 2kotak=RM10...
aiyaaark.mlayang dueeet.

tp kalo nk beli perfumes more cheaper than beli kat airport!
2yg besh,ekekeke.;DDD

dee said...

hehehda conclusion.. dnt fly wif airasia..kan senang?

Muhammad said...

tu lah
naik ketaapi jerk

kan best
leh bergoyang2
leh tgk permandangan sekitar ikut tingkap besau
buleh jalan2 dari dek ke dek
buleh tido
buleh makan
buleh jiwang2 sekejap

then pernah dengar keretapi terhempas ??
tak kan

saf z. said...

awww...kesian u smlm...what a rough day...one thing after another
saba je la kn...haha

about the air asia tu..soo true..that's y i flew to mel with sg airlines..way bttr..watch movie almost the whole flight...habes time tido dh lari..haha

[r][a][y] eusouff said...

Hello Reez !!

naik lah


Ps: xdtg pun preview cite Sell out?
im sute u will like this film

fiqss said...

air asia murah la doewh. utk ppl that cant afford MAS like me, air asia is a solution. hahaha

nikkkkkkkkkk thank u gelllllllllll hantar balek umah =)) hehe

how come la bleh sesat?=.=' didnt u patah balek?

owh! naaaaak chords thinking of u yang senang nye! hehe thanks!

Reez said...

pwincess AJA AJA fighting-

hahaha..next posttt...arrr..2-3 hari..aja..aritu lagu apew dh yg ungu tu..ngeee..luper lak pakcik!

yeke perfume murah..cmtu kalu naik nk beli 10 kotak laa..ekekkee


hahaha...masalah nye nk naik aper yekkkk...naik kete minyak ngan tol dh mahal jugerrr

megat de pelukis -

haha..goyang2 dlm ketapi? wahhh..lama tak naik ketapi jarak jaoh..dlu pnah teringat sorang budak cine muntah dlm ketapi lpas lari2

Reez said...

saf the froggy eater-
sg airlines bes ek? stewardess dier cun tak? ekekekek

Ray -
haha...wuaaa..sroh la mas kasi murah skettt..ahaha..

ps- aritu tertidooo! aduh..bangun2 dah lmbat giler dh

haha..tats why...kite tpaksa naik air asia....but whut to doo riteee..

ps- no probbbb..i dh tau mana rumah u..hahaha *skali sroh bwt trip gy sana blk sesat..muahaha*

pwincess AJA said...

AJA AJA fighting?=PPP

atok saje kan wat2 lupe.dush3.
cinta dalam hati.
dah bekurun neh requested.

agak murah la compare dgn dkt airport.but limited choices lor.huhuhu
a,beli la sploh kotak.pastu nk 1 ea!;PPP

kHairie said...

hehe, nice banging to the airasia.. hahaha,
naek firefly next time, always on time, and u can get the tixs at low prices as well, but need to check regularly online lah, sterwardess pon hawt jugak.. hehehe :p

saf z. said...

saf (m not a froggy eater :P)

yep...sg airlines best...dier bagi everything..complete la..mknn dier pn sedap!!! oh n the stewardess tu i x notice..so dunno if hot ke x..
hish...tu je pk ek..hahaha

Anonymous said...

stuju! sgt x suke airasia!