Monday, April 6, 2009

Pabila Ku Setapak Lebih Jauh meninggalkan Semua Ini

The World and time are spinning too fast now. Too fast that I totally forget who am I. From being an infant, to an adult , now, I realize that change is a must for me to pursue a better life for the upcoming future .  

Maybe I look strong with emotions. But bearing it , is the hardest thing of all. The inside is kept thightly ,covered by the colorful dress outside of it. Letting it go should be one way of  releasing all the unbearable weight, but will I be pleased with myself?

Good bye oh number 1 because 2 are replacing you, very soon. Should I miss you, I believe I would find you somewhere in the lake of memories. =) 


wénkt said...

u, remember me?
contact i via email plz
ada benda nk bincang


Reez said...

elooo..y.ear sure ingattt... =D ok

sinchan said...

hepi 20th besday abg reez :x

Reez said...

tenkiu ojaww =P