Friday, April 3, 2009

Shopaholic,farewell,car dust and stuffs

Hi!!!! I miss writing on my blog..haha...okayyyy...lemme just stori2 you alls things that i did the last few days....

okay...firstly..sangat terharu when bro Ray feature me (kat siniii!!) dekat ....Well..what is Well, its like a place where youth gather and share their articles, blogs, pendapat, & theres forum too..and a lot more.a lot of bloggers lepak there too. I personally believe that this comunity will be bigger in the coming future. =D thx againn~

*enter enter*

hmmmm.tadi baru tgk movieeee....
  • KLCC tanjung golden village,
  • cinema 5 was quite comfortable..just the kepala of awek infront of me tinggi sangat =.=
  • makanan- Large pop corn (makan sorang ok*pop corn was excellent*) + vanilla coke (yummy)
  • tix price - I dunno, my sis paid
  • story-

CONFESSION OF SHOPAHOLIC tell you a secret....i do read shopaholic books (malu giler confess) ..hahaha...but yeah...The story was quite fun to watch tho theres bit overestimate on the 'green scarf lady" ..but..whatever..haha..

*enter enter*

I love Isla FIsher! She is so cute. Haha.. I started to like her when I saw Definitely Maybe the other day. Quite nice la jugak Definitely Maybe....Daym im sooo jiwang eh?

*enter enter* night was the MCS (malay culture society) farewell night. Just a small gathering to gather seniors and some juniors .

And yang tak tahan nye.... I was daym dumbfounded when Zaim asked me to singggg....And tambah lagi terkejut when Shader (room8) were there with my guitar... I was like..oh my god..oh my god..why now why now? haha

*enter enter*

So then I nynyilah Too Good To be True and Silly Truck....Quite sucked but..who cares...haha
And mid nite was Aizat's birthday! Happy Birthday Aizatt!..hahaha..tau tak saper drive cake tu dari Secret Recipe ke Inti pada kadar kelajuan 120 km'j kat jalan biase???!..hahahaha(macam lah laju sangattt) ...but yeah... People are getting too ..soon! hahaha..Im getting older...argh....Later2 i'll be a dad or sumfin..hahahhaa

*enter enter*

okay....and before that event....that petang lah..I went to wash my car at this car wash place dkat2 dengan ESSO...Mmg the service always good. They clean my car inside out okay.

*enter enter*

Okay2...before that kan..before basuh..I was like.."what the hell????" when i saw my bonet kereta yang dusty tu ada tulis " I love you -s-" ...hahahah....I believe its the guys yang saje nk kene kan me..but..yeah..what the hell. i love you too! wahahaha (no handphone rosak)

okayyy la...i dunno what to write more....=D see you people later..bye2 for now

p/s - alangkah bes nye if you could tekan Follow my blog yg tak seberapa ni kat kanan tuuu..ekekek(ngade2 nyeeee gwe)


pwincess AJA said...

cinema 5,seat L15?
sukeeenye num tuh!

ahkak pink sangat vogueee.
sure nik jatuh chenta.

xsangke nik bce bku shopaholic.
i thought girls je yang bce.

yeaps,nik memang jewangsss.

nik,nyanyiii please...

secret admirer 2h.

Ajami Hashim said...

amboiii! dah ada 'manager' baru kah?


aurikelsan said...

saye!!saye!!(sambil tekan 'Follow my blog')huhu

DoraYaKiii ツ said...

eee.. nik ngade.. wekwek.
btw tengs jdik pengikut aii..
wakakaka :P