Sunday, May 24, 2009

kenapa saye tak update? kenapa?

hey all..sorry i didnt update for sooooooooo long..its coz my laptop n my mum's laptop rosak..i cant record any song...and im saddddd....wuaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

..ok la...but atleast im glad all my songs are here...tak la hilang my files..hahaha...sooo..yeah..

im having my cuti ryte now....2 months left before i ready ? i dont know..what ever it is..i haf to be ready....but really,its hard to left things tat I haf here .....huhu

but i will stay on recordin my songs n put them here......updating my blogs when im free....but ryte now...its kinda hard pown im at a CC , sumwhere in wangsa maju...

soooo...its 7pm edi..i haf to go homeee....see ya all later...tataaaa


Anonymous said...

wei lame x on9?

banyak betul bende rosak?
komputer mak,komputer sendiri, handphone, dan terbaru kerete?
hahah. adekah ni zaman kerosakan.

tepon aku pun kt kedai balik ni, aritu die betulkan rosak balik.
so x dpt reply. sorry2. hahaha.

wei online le cepat2. bosan duh.
ko tau la berape je orang yg on9 malam2. hahah.

Eem Ezekiel.

IwaN said...

gaya bahasa pun dah tau tu zaim

Anonymous said...

bro Hareez...
bole buat request x?
bole tak buat cover lagu 'joey mcintyre-the way you look tonight'??
please and thank u...

joegrimjow said...

da raya haji da

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tya said...

saya tak tau...

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