Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's 'Today' Again

Hello people.
Its Wednesday and I had some classes just now. Life is hectic really. hmm.. The sky outside is dark. It'll rain soon I guess. From my room here I could clearly hear the psithurism. It's quite loud once a while.

Well, today I felt a really deep-keen-feeling to play the nocturne piece on piano..hahaha..What is happening to me? I'm in love with the piece? I really don't know how to play piano but when I started to learn that piece bits by bits, wow , I felt good.reallly.,haha

So I asked my music lecturer,Miss Lee if I could use the music classroom to learn piano. But she kinda reluctant bcoz other students who haven't performed for music class need to use the room. So maybe i'll have the chance next week if I wanna learn in college ar....Oh weLL...biar lah diorang guna first. Daym.. =.=

wait wait wait...wanna show you something
~daym nice wey~

hahaha...ok didn't record anething baru2 ni... I hope I could record something over the weekend to paste it here. Huhuh...I wish I could learn how to compose songs using software . Kinda hard tho with laptop yang slow n all..oh well...nasib badannnn..haha