Sunday, March 29, 2009

Klcc shaking , two sexy HOTTIES,kebab and stuffs

--------------------------(the jejakas idamans?????*puke*)----------------------------------

hmmm..I dont have any idea who am i "hi" ing to....maybe nobody? hahahaha...tak kesah lah...janji i'm happy posting aper yg I wanna post. Today it'll be about the shaking klcc, sexy hotties,kebab and some someone la ni " TEH AIS is better than Teh O ais!!!!!!! "

*enter enter*

Tau takkkk...I had my kebab today..wahahaha

yeahhhh.. It feels good to have a kebab after mengidam for it. Haha..The moment I saw it, my saliva factory started to operate, producing more and more saliva. Wuahhh..gitu pulak..haha..

Yeah..this(picture below) is my mixed kebab and iced lemon tea ( makan dekat signature je , mana ada duit if everytime nk pegi tmpt2 mahal2 yang konon nye "cool" tu..ha..jgn marah orang2 yang rasa cool tu okkk,especially students..haha)


yeah...bout the shaking Klcc thinggg ....seriously, nowadays, every time I go to Klcc, I could feel it shaking quite hard. What is happening actually? I didn't feel that before. The vibration can be felt quite intense around the ring center of Klcc at upper levels.

*enter enter*

I'm not trying to say that Klcc is going to fall and many people gonna get killed or what but...I need a good reason why it is shaking like that. Is it a normal thing? Or is it just me? That's not possible coz my mother, dad and my cute lil bro could feel it too....

*enter enter* is quite scary to feel it....I don't feel that even when I'm on menara KL the other day (accept for that Seri Angkasa was berpusing2 like Merry Go round part). I could even see the deco sticks (picture on the right side) dah macam ada dinosaur coming okayyyy...I really hope it is only bcoz of the construction nearby which is in progress.

What is happening? what is happening?

p/s- (Klcc please pay me if you want me to delete this post..hahaha..jk2.but seriously, check your building guyssss)

*enter enter*

oh yeaaa...dekat Klcc just now ada like something exhibition or what, I dont know, tak smpat tengok sangat. Buttttt..i Manage to snap 2 pics of these two SEXY hotties..take a look at them!

(scrolllll downnnnn)

(scrolllll downnnnn)

BMW M3 nyehhhhhh

*i dont manage to snap its butt,

but..yeah .whutever*

anddddd the other hottie

selalu nampak ni on the road but..yeah..ure actually hot up there..haha

look at the rims, I wish i could curi those and put it on my dearest Myvi..hahahahahahaha
(asik gelak je haku ni)

errr..but i believe this one below is not in the "hottie" list..hahaha

hahahahahahha....but that iced lemon tea was quite nice thooo...its wayyyyyyyyyyy better than teh o ais..hahahahahha


hidayah~ said...

xde2...teh o ais lg best~

pwincess AJA said...

OMG.comeeeynye ur lit bro.
cubitkan pP die.pelisssh.

pasneh ngidam pe plak?
ngidam2 neh cam ibu2 yg sedang pregnant.

KLCC is falling down
falling down,falling down
KLCC is falling down
Myfair lady!
opsss.salah lyric.

KLCC is sooo boring.=PPP

Reez said...

ahhhhh..hidayah u komplot yer!!!!!

Reez said...

aja....klcc mmg borinkkkk.ekekekke...tapi pop corn dier paling bes tawwww =P

Reez said...

tapi kannn...bkan sblah kiri my bro tu lagi cute ker? ker ker? hahahhahahaha

pwincess AJA said...


nope lah.
mid pnye pop corn lg besssh!
KLCC xbesssh pom.

Reez said...

pop corn mid tak sdap laaaaaaaa if sejokkkkk!!!wuwuwuuuu

pwincess AJA said...

nik,jgn perah santan byk sgt.
xbgs tuk kesihatan.

gebuuu tol pp ur lit bro.
cam cream puff.

hidayah~ said...

mesti la..kami kn rumate!!!hihihihihi~

ekyndelisya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Muhammad said...

me pun selalu rasa lorr

u pergi ke MPH kat bawah
or diri depan kino
sure rasa gegar 1.2 pada skala richter.

sebab bawah kat ader stesen LRT
then angin yang memukul dinding tower buat bangunan tu bergoyang2 sket

dunt worry k


en me dari jabatan meteorlogy negara.

huik u kene tgk citer knowing
fobia dah me tgk LRT after nonton movie tu

Reez said...

patut la naik teksi =P