Friday, March 27, 2009

The Unsigned - Cyber Singers Di Rantau Ini

(Reez punye updated song list click here)
Hi! Haha..again....It is Friday! Omg..This is too fast. And I overslept today that I missed my calculus class. Andddd...tomorrow I'll be having my calculus III test! Study Reez!dont be bulazy (busy+lazy)...haha...what ever!

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Well, surfing around the wide sea of the internet, I realized that there are a lot of "cyber" singers in this region, who kindly shared their singing ,especially on Youtube. Well that's cool. It shows that our country 'somehow' had managed to open its eyes towards technology(tho the net are like siput vavi).

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I think, these kind of singers are the bunch of people who have the talent but yet to be brought up to the front line. I would say they're not inept, its just that most of them want to keep things low.

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It is hard living in the world where each and every person recognizes you. come on, privacy is important okay. Just imagine, every steps that you're taking would be judged by others and plus, most of the comments given out are negative. It is a pressure to be famous ;but that's the price that have to be paid. In some cases like Britney Spears' or Michael Jordan Jackson's , it is completely different. They are the people who are addicted to attention.

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Last month I watched the Britney blablabla show where they highlighted how Britney changed from being a naiive person, to a wild person whom she is right now. (I missed the sweet ol' Britney..haha) and that's all because of the fame...fame *fame..whew...


K k..enough of my crappy words.

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Now, I'd like to share with you some of the "cyber" artists (is it correct to use that term? whatevaaa) ..In my list here,......hmmm.. I have(sorry if i dont feature bands..haha)...... ,syahiransukardi, Evildead (a.k.a Setanmati) , Mia Suraya(mia rose? =P) , Seroja92 , Ajaisya88, DakNaD, some of them dari my long list.haha.tak larat to put all those names n links here la.....

Seroja92 (singing at OIAM audition)
hear also seroja n me duet lagu Pulangkan(click here)




Mia Suraya

Evildead (Setanmati)

These are some of the people who are brave enough to show their talents on the internet, we should give them a big hand for that la..... =D If you're tired of hearing artists singing, you should find these kind of people la.Boring jugak dengar artis nyanyi "perfect" je in their recordings rightttt? ..Hmmm..if we have underground artis , we should call these people something haha...apaper la..but..yeah..great job guys...keep up d good work...chaiyokkkk~

*dialog di atas tiada kaitan dengan sesiapa, yang hidup atau pun yang mati*


Miasuraya said...

have i sent you a comment for this post? thank you for posting my vid up :)

Anonymous said...

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