Monday, March 23, 2009

Royanan Ku Di Tanjung Bidara

............................(nice cars on show)..harharhar..............................

Like i'd mentioned, my fren n i went to melaka,tanjung bidara , ber barbeque la at mr wakiki's pictures had been uploaded by mr machiavelli at bro! nice piccas! haha...ok for now, i'll write what went out ma mind masa kat sana,...

I couldn't see what's beyond the darkness of night,
The sounds that present however make me believe ; there's a land up ahead.

Life should be more than this,with life,
that always spends its time in my own thoughts,
the thoughts that share with nobody, but itself

Without stars or moon up there gazing at me,
The emptiness could be felt deeply , so deep I could barely see it.
It feels like a puzzle with a missing piece ; I'm not complete.

Many issues ,
running around in my mind, but yet I could just hear what's present.
It's too beautiful to be left out,
though a second of time
I just noticed, the cloud, its gray.
Why oh why mr. cloud, is that your emotion?
Or it's just me?
naah, im in peace.
How does this tranquility created?
Its magical ,and its wonderful.

While gazing around, left and right,
appreciating things that'll be left,
in the day after,
a beautiful sonata flew in my mind.
It keeps on playing there, wanting me to take it outside,
Born into the world, to complete the sound of wave that meets the seaside.
and the leaves of coconut tree dancing gracefully in tempo with the wind,

They are, indeed, very different from each other,
but in my hearing, they are , a close bind of melodic timbres,
needing for each other.
Without one, It is not complete,without one,it'll lost
Just like me. and me

(pictures credit to meoi @ nkye.blogspot)