Friday, March 20, 2009

Magical Of Music - The Past Is Still Remembered

Hi...Its "the past is still remembered" section Friday! Can you believe it how time flies recently? Its like each and everyday the time is upgraded with new engine to move faster. And that's scary. =.= my friends and I are going to have some bbq at Melaka, I hope it'll be a blast. Haha...

Ok..enough about that, lets now look back at the past. Today I'd like to highlight a very talented person in writing music, Mr Frederic Chopin. I'm quite sure a lot of you know him, but,yeah, maybe just his name.

Chopin is called the POET of PIANO . Yeah, he did wrote a lot of piano pieces and his works were very lovely. There's this , one kind of emotion when you hear his piece. It's like he had blend in a lot of love and longing emotions in his music.

My favourite is Chopin Nocturne in E Flat Major Op. 9 No. 2 ...
Here is the short audio sample of it

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Could you hear it? There's a lot of emotions just in this short sample. ahhhh..So in love with this song. and you should too..haha.. okayy..This coming 4 months holiday i'll try to learn playing this song on piano. Who knows I could play it, right? haha

Brief History of Frederic Chopin
Well, Chopin was brought up in Warsaw
After his country was conquered by the Russians, he went to Paris, which was the center of Romanticism. I don't know if he was scared or what. I dunoooooo...More about him,
Chopin was a shy( like me) reserved man. He didn't played in public concert halls that much. (very low profile huh?)

Nocturne op 9 no 2


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Schumann's Carnaval Chopin op 9.....a piece named after chopin by Schumann

be back later...busyyyyyy


misae said...

sume info cedok buku musika,,haha

Anonymous said...

First time ever ko tulis bende ilmiah gile kt blog ko.hahahaha....

aku lg suke dvorak punye..


dah lame x tinggal komen..

Tzar Eem Jonas.

Reez said...

aiyo..misaeee..sonyap sudeyyyyyy..hahaha

Anonymous said...

There is an article posted about Chopin here: