Thursday, March 12, 2009

Belajar musikaaaaaa?

Helooo..hihi..Its wonderful that Ive got the chance to take music subject in INTI for my last semester here...sooo...I'd like to share some with y'all..besides i'tll be a win win situation, u get the knowledge and i got to revise my studies..huhu

ok..studentsssss...lets start with some Italian terms for music!

Some Common Tempo Markings

tempo - the speed of music

a tempo - resume the normal speed

grave - veryyyyyy slow / solemn ...kite pronounce this as grah-vay ( teringat chicken chop..dunno why..that somehow makes my stomach growling)

adagio - slow ..pronounce uh dah jee ohhhh

lento - sloWWWWW! ( u know...that lagu2 tangkap lentok tangkap lentok..slow la tu..lento..haha)

largo - slow and broad ( seriously i dunno how does this apply...ingat sudahh)

larghetto - not quite as slow as largo

legato - smooth ( my friends and i tried to remember this one by remembering the word leg..yeahh..womans leg are yeah...Smooooth for legatooo bebeh )

andante - at a walking pace (what the hell?)

moderato - moderate (like duh)

allegretto - rather lively

allegro - lively

vivo - lively la jugak.... veevohhhveeevoh...

presto - veryyyyyyyyyyy fast...yeah..when we drive our car we're gnna press our pedal press toe it'll be presto

fine -the end

da capo - from the beginning.....

bersambung ...nak mandiiiiiiiiiii..tata



meh iman meh bace skali..
poco a poco~~~~