Saturday, March 14, 2009

Crapping again?

It is night,
and dark,
The soft sound of rubber scraping the ground complete the
symphony of wind and its friend, the crickets,
The road forward seems too far,
With dim light of the tall-night-life, adding the moods
and place it where it should be
The structured rocks on the right appear to be too silent with no movements going
Too silent it seems, but it is the right blend needed
The court inside has stood up to begin the judgement
And began to ask , to get the answer that they wanted
"Not guilty" he said, defending himself, but in a tone of voice that barely could be heard
The court dissent
The red army came by , guarding the session that seems vital, giving the anxious feeling inside
"Who are you?!"
"Who am I?"
"Who are you to the other?"
"Who am I to her?"
"You deserve to be abhorred for your act ,devastating the things you own"

It's still dark,
So does the sky
Covered by some layers of thin leaves, makes the full moon shimmers in opaqueness
Such a beautiful being,
With glittering stars flying around
It doesn't seem to feel lonely, though sometimes the ray abates once in a while
Time crawls in andante, while watching the session thats still in progress
He looks down while the backside of his, lying on a cushioned stallion.
"You must be punished,"
"I am being punished,"
"But it is not sufficient,"
"Then what should I do?"
"Turn around and rebuild,"
He looks straight to the path mentioned, obstacles could be seen clearly from where he is sitting. He barely knew the road.
"Is that where I came from?"
.......(erk..what am I typing ni? Just things that came outta ma head..haha..sambung later, off to bed)